We serve local delicacies you can enjoy with a clear conscience. Our menus are based on food produced here, using the best ingredients from our local producers, growers and suppliers.

For example:

Granskottssirap (Pine Shoot Syrup)
You can buy this syrup at reception and it’s wonderful on pancakes, Turkish yogurt and with tasty cheeses. The pine shoots are gathered in the forests of Småland and processed by our kitchen.

Close to nature ...
Our most faithful harvester and mushroom pickers will after having spent a day in the woods deliver the day’s supply of fresh mushrooms, sorrel, moss, spruce shoots and berries directly to the team in the kitchen. Fresher and more natural is hard to find…

We have signal crayfish from our own lake Gissen, close by. These delicate morsels are prepared par excellence by our kitchen and are often found in soups and sauces. You can also come and try your own luck at fishing if you want to.

We’re passionate about what we do and really care about serving food that is good for both body and soul!

Want to know more? – Don’t hesitate to ask us.